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Pear Audio Analogue introduces a range of turntables and tonearms based on Tom Fletcher’s last ideas on turntable construction. Unrestricted from past designs Tom Fletcher designed a new range of turntables and tonearms for his good friend Peter Mezek, called Pear Audio Blue.

Pear Audio Blue turntables and tonearms do not represent a revolution, but rather an evolution in Tom Fletcher’s approach to turntable design.

Several features of Tom Fletcher’s designs from Nottingham Analogue remain. Pear Audio Blue uses the same motor principle and the motor still has to be initially spun by hand. This motor principle drastically reduces the resonance going from the motor to the platter and ensures speed accuracy.

Pear Audio Blue features an essential parameter in turntable design: matching materials able to control resonance naturally and that are sonically in phase. Components are selected to work perfectly together, making the whole more than the sum of its parts – creating a turntable in sonic harmony.

Special attention has been placed on a new bearing development along with a new and improved plinth. An improved motor arrangement and a different platter were implemented along with other improvements to achieve superior organic sound quality. The perfect marriage of materials results in astonishing realism, tonal quality and balance, with a realistic and deep 3D soundstage. You’ll be able to hear an astonishing, near-live performance of your favorite musicians.

Tom Fletcher and Peter Mezek often listened to New Orleans jazz together so each turntable is named after famous New Orleans jazz musicians. Each model is built upon the same design principles and all offer high performance sound, quality build and value way beyond their price.

Each model is handcrafted and undergoes extensive quality control before being shipping.



Our new entry level turntable with a double layer plinth made of Baltic Birch state-of-the art engineered wood, with sonic properties way beyond similar “looking” engineered wood plinths. It uses the same high quality low torque motor and design principles as the top model, Kid Thomas. Comes standard in Gloss Baltic Birch or can be ordered  with a Gloss Black or Burgundy top finish.



Same solid wood plinth material as the top model Kid Thomas, but the same compact size as the Robin Hood, but with the platter from the Kid Howard and superior feet and motor insulation. same high quality low torque motor and design principles as the top model, Kid Thomas.


Kid Howard

“Striking is a fitting description of the player’s powers of scale: The Kid Howard and Cornet 2 created a soundfield that was engagingly, involvingly big.” – Art Dudley, Stereophile – Stereophile Kid Howard review.   The Kid Howard is made of the same unique solid wood plinth and utilizes a separate motor housing as the two top Pear Audio Blue models. Like all Pear Audio Blue turntables it is made from the same materials and uses the same low torque motor as the top model, the Kid Thomas.  The Kid Howard delivers sound and musical ability way beyond expectations at this price range

Kid Punch


Kid Thomas

“That midrange was something special, with black backgrounds and tapelike musical flow and drive.”

Michael Fremer, Stereophile – Stereophile Kid Thomas review.

Building upon the solid foundation of the Kid Punch, every design principle of the Kid Thomas is taken to it’s fullest potential, regardless of cost, creating a sublime turntable in sonic harmony, able to reproduce the momentum, the timbre and the excitement of your music, just as you would experience a live concert. A 2.5 inch platter, with a double layer plinth and massive separate motor housing and armboard.

The Kid Thomas is the lowest priced turntable with a Class A rating from Stereophile’s Recommended Components.