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Phono Stage MM-MC USB

disponibile anche senza stadio USB a €900=

  • Moving magnet and moving coil cartridge compatible.
  • 10 adjustments per channel for maximum flexibility including multiple resistive and capacitive loading options.
  • RIAA & IEC Equalisation selectable options.
  • SedleyUSB option available with USB input/output to record and playback in the digital domain.
  • Exceptionally low total harmonic distortion at 0.002% (1kHz).
  • Multiple Award winning, British designed and built product.


“On Tori Amos’ Little Earthquakes, for instance, her vocals were hauntingly pure; I just stopped taking notes and listened to the album all the way through” hi-fi World Magazine.

Sitting between your record player and hifi system the Sonneteer Sedley brings life to your vinyl recordings. Familiar to many as the ‘Phono’ input on your hifi, the Sedley takes this essential piece of electronics circuitry and places a very advanced version into its own, hifi separates, box.

The Sonneteer Sedley is the Winner of 2 Audio Excellence Awards from Japan (in its standard and USB formats) as well as being exceptionally well received by the hifi glitterati and aficionados. What HiFi bestowed a 5 star award upon it with many other heaping further praise.

So what is a Phono stage?

In the days when vinyl recording was developed the limitations of the technology to hand meant that clever techniques had to be employed to get the best out of the medium. The principle was to boost the high frequencies (treble) and attenuate the lower frequencies (bass) at the manufacturing stage and then reverse the process using the ‘phono stage’ equalised pre-amplification to play back the recording in its original form.

Available with USB input & output option.

With Sonneteer Sedley USB phono stage we now give you the option of having a USB connection. This allows you to connect your Sedley to a computer permitting you to easily back-up your vinyl records digitally. Through the SedleyUSB you can also play your music back from your computer to your hifi system. In hifi parlance, it is also a high quality USB DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter).

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