Company Profile

Between 1987 and 1988 I and my wife MariaGiulia, later assisted by my two sons F. Alfredo and Simone Giulio, formed the company AudioCorner with the intent of pursuing a new commercial conception in a niche of the High Fidelity sector (called after HighEnd): to form audio systems with components to be considered definitive and propose it to our customers by pre-listening them in comfortable home-based rooms. The goal was to create eternal systems, and possibly upgradeable with the advancement of technology. Thanks to the high quality of the chosen brands, we succeeded, so that every sector magazine, first and foremost, included our point of sale as an absolute reference pilot for High-End components. In fact, over 30 years of activity in the industry, we have presented (also world premieres), proven and launched the best HiFi-End products on the market. Just to name a few, the three brands founded by the nickname Mr. HighEnd Mark Levinson, like the immortal Cello, followed after 10 years by RedRoseMusic valve electronics, and finally by today's Daniel Hertz by Mark Levinson brand. As well as of course all the other productions of other manufacturers of unquestionable sound quality: MBL, Sonus Faber, Accuphase, McIntosh, Audio Notes, Kondo, Klimo, Burmester, Van den Hul and many others, regardless of their commercial value. In 2014, leveraging on a famous Slovak electronics engineer, I started implementing my notion of applied electronics to vent my old dream in the drawer: to make a type of amplifier that did not empty me the pockets but with the sound quality to be aroused envy the most renowned brands so far named. Thus, assembly after assembly, prototype after prototype, after three years of experiments and crazy expenses came to my arrival directive with the production of sound amplifiers I always wanted, branded FSLab. Fully hand-assembled by the undersigned, these amplifiers make use of ad hoc designed boards, with solid state preamps for some models and valves for others. It's clear that for an unhurried analogue like me could not miss an excellent Phono stage, but the amplifiers also include a latest generation bluetooth card for playing liquid music that everyone has on our device now. In the section dedicated to the newborn brand on this site you can preview the presentation of three models of amplifiers and their features. For the future, the Top Level series is made up of separate components for the most demanding enthusiasts, but never forces them to empty their pockets. I invite anyone who wants to make a comparison between these built-in amplifiers with electronics costing 10 times higher.

"Letting go of the advice of others and listening to your ears, since quality is something you feel..."

Franco Scauzillo
CEO and Founder