VTAF (VTA Adjuster)

Price: 180,00 € tax incl.

For REGA Tone Arm

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PETE RIGGLE Audio Engineering

Vertical Tracking Angle on the Fly (V.T.A.F.)

  • announces the VTAF™ (pronounced vee-taff, U.S. Patent No. 7630288). The  "Vertical Tracking Angle on the Fly"  is a on the Fly tone arm VTA adjuster, with a tone arm mounting isolation system which provides remarkable improvements in sound stage, imaging, space, ...
  • A important Upgrade for all REGA Tonearms.
  • Fast available.
  • Special Price (from €150= at €230= for RB220 to RB2000)

The V.T.A.F.

It all began with the Standard VTAF for post mounted Rega arms like the RB250, RB300, and RB600 arms, Origin Live OL1 (all versions), Origin Live Silver (all versions), Brit Audio version of RB250, Expressimo version of RB250, Moth Audio version of RB250, Michell Technoarm version of RB250, Incongnito version of RB250, Thorens version of RB250, and Other Versions of RB250, RB300, and RB600, etc.



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